Annual Trip to Codroy

This post is brought to you by the Humber Natural History Society.
The Humber Natural History Society is planning their annual nature trip in the Codroy Valley for June 15-17 (Friday to Sunday).

June is a time when most of the migratory birds have returned, many spring flowers are blooming, beautiful and intriguing insects are active, and there are planets to be seen on clear nights.

We encourage people to make their way to the Codroy area in time for a potluck supper on the first evening (Friday) around 6:30 – 7 PM. This will be held at Codroy Valley Cottage Country, which we use as our base.

We will explore the estuary area and surrounding woods and ponds over the next couple of days. This is a relaxed and non-strenuous weekend with time for photography and identification of birds, flowers, insects, fungi – whatever we encounter. Some people stay one night, others stay two nights.

I advise making reservations soon.
For Codroy Valley Cottage Country, in Doyles email Claudelle Devoe [] or call 1-709-955-2720.
There are other accommodations – Martin’s Cabins, Cape Anguile Lighthouse, Grand Codroy RV Park campground as well as a couple of B&B’s and other cabins. Check

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