Press release: A gift big enough for a nation. The Nature Conservancy of Canada secures important natural area in Newfoundland’s Codroy Valley.

In honour of Canada’s 143rd birthday the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), has secured 5 acres (two hectares) of natural habitat in the Grand Codroy Valley on the southwestern coast on the island of Newfoundland. This important estuary is one of 10 Gifts to Canadians announced this week in celebration of Canada Day.

The Chaisson property is located on the south side of the mouth of the Grand Codroy estuary and protects over 40 feet of estuarine shoreline. Combined with the forest located on the northern side of the property, and the estuary, the property provides important staging and nesting habitat for songbirds and especially waterfowl, as well as small mammals. The Grand Codroy estuary is known for its large populations of migrating and nesting waterfowl, lush freshwater marshes, rare plants and many songbirds uncommon to Newfoundland and Labrador. The Nature Conservancy of Canada has identified the Grand Codroy Estuary as a priority site and this recent acquisition brings the total land secured in the area above 500 acres (202 hectares).

Partnership is at the heart of NCC’s work. Many partners have come together to help secure the Chaisson property, including Coleman Group of Companies, Dr. Sargent & Ruth Ann Horwood and Oceanex Inc. But this year, all 10 NCC Gifts to Canadians (one in each province), have also been made possible through the Government of Canada’s Natural Areas Conservation Program. This unique public-private partnership helps non-government organizations secure ecologically sensitive lands to ensure the protection of our country’s diverse ecosystems, wildlife and habitat. More >>


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