The Newfoundland and Labrador Environment Network (NLEN) is a non-profit, non-governmental umbrella organization for non-profits working across the province that hold environmental conservation and protection as an objective and who support the objective of the Network. NLEN’s purpose is to carry out environmental education on issues such as sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, and climate change. We do this through a number of activities including:

  1. Public Forums, Workshops & Events: The NLEN organizes public forums, workshops and events, usually in partnership with other organizations, to raise public awareness and education on environmental issues in our province.
  2. Educational materials: We work with our member groups to create education materials about environmental work in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  3. Participating in decisions that affect our environment: We respond to government calls for submissions on policy and legislation, and participate in multi-stakeholder consultations and initiatives.
  4. Working with our member groups to support their work through capacity building workshops, network facilitation, media support, and promotion.

Membership in the Network is open to non-profit organizations or associations based in Newfoundland and Labrador that hold environmental conservation and protection as an objective and who support the objective of the Network. Membership is subject to approval of the NLEN Steering Committee and payment of the designated annual membership fee.

Associations, agencies, individuals, for-profit businesses multi-stakeholder groups that do not meet the membership criteria and other groups that wish to support the activities of the Network may become Associates, upon approval by the NLEN Steering Committee and payment of the designated membership fee.  Associates are included in the network database and webpage listings, and receive all correspondence from the NLEN. Unlike full Members, Associates shall not have voting privileges.

Benefits of being a member or an associate with NLEN:

  • Member organizations are highlighted in the NL Environmental Organizations Directory.
  • Invitations to exclusive NLEN capacity building workshops and events.
  • Discounted rates and advertisement opportunities for public NLEN forums, workshops and events.
  • Opportunity to join caucuses and working groups.
  • Delegate selection for government and public consultation.
  • Promotion of your group through our outreach activities and events.
  • Advertisement and periodic spotlights on our website, social media platforms and e-update.
  • Networking opportunities to connect with like-minded organizations or individuals to work together on projects or grant applications.
  • Membership and representation with the Canadian Environmental Network ( (Members only, not associates).
  • One vote per member organization at our Annual General Meeting (Members only, not associates).
  • Opportunity to nominate a representative to the NLEN Steering Committee (Members only, not associates).
  • Volunteer referrals to your organization (Members only, not associates).
  • For students\individuals: resume building volunteer opportunities.


Fee Structure: 

Organization’s Annual Budget                   Annual Fee*

$0 to $1000                                                      $30

$1001 to $20,000                                              $60

$20,001 and up                                                 $90

* The same free structure applies to both Members and Associate Members. If applying for Associate membership as individual, please make donation in the amount of your choosing.

NLEN membership is subject to approval by the NLEN Steering Committee.

To join you must submit the membership form and complete the online questionnaire.

Click to download PDF Membership print form (non-fillable):  NLEN Membership Form