Saving Sandy Pond: Supporting Development Without Destruction

The Sandy Pond Alliance in conjunction with Sierra Club Canada has launched a court challenge to the proposed Vale Inco nickel processing facility at Long Harbour Placentia Bay, Newfoundland. Specifically they are concerned about the destruction of a unique natural water body, Sandy Pond. It is designated to be used as a mine tailings pond for the life of the nickel smelter and then left as a toxic site to be looked after by the people of Long Harbour and Newfoundland in perpetuity. If permitted to proceed as planned this project will continue the 100+ years of destructive mining and smelting practices in Newfoundland and Labrador leaving in its path many toxic sites with little, if any funds for restoration or clean-up. The  Sandy Pond Alliance and the Sierra Club in Newfoundland and Labrador need your help to challenge these practices. They are looking for 100 people to step up and contribute $50 each to support our court challenge.  The contributions are not tax deductible.  You will be contributing to direct advocacy to protect and restore the rugged yet fragile natural habitats in Newfoundland and Labrador. Please send checks or money orders to: Sierra Club Canada, PO Box 1501, 354 Water Street, St. John’s, Newfoundland, A1C 1C0. (Anonymity and privacy respected). To find out more about our Sandy Pond initiative visit the Sierra Club Atlantic Canada website. For further information, contact Fred Winsor of Sierra Club Canada, St. John’s, NL at


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