Coastal Matters – Step Zero to Fisheries Closures in Western Newfoundland

Tues, Nov 2: Coastal Matters – Step Zero to Fisheries Closures in Western Newfoundland
12:30 – 1:30 pm, Room 104, RecPlex, Grenfell Campus (Corner Brook)
Fisheries closures are commonly used to protect fish stocks. Each closure is uniquely shaped by the circumstances in which it develops. Voluntary closures, in particular, are extraordinary in that they are initiated by local fishes. Yet, not all initiatives proceed to implementation. Such is the case with the snow crab closure in the Bay of Islands, which was discussed earlier this year, but not implemented. We will present the preliminary findings of our investigation about what happened with the snow crab closure. For instance, we asked how and why the idea about the closure was conceived, how it was perceived and communicated, and what expectations fish harvesters had of the closure. We also examined the ecological and social conditions at the time the closure was discussed, comparing to the present. Presenters: Kim Olsen (Masters Student, Memorial University) and Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee (Canada Research Chair in Natural Resource Sustainability and Community Development). The Coastal Matters series is sponsored by Humber Arm ACAP. For further information contact or 637-2883.