Public Meeting – Smart Bay Project, Bay of Islands

Mon Nov 22: Public Meeting – Smart Bay Project, Bay of Islands
7:00pm, Irishtown Town Hall
ACAP Humber Arm has partnered with Memorial University-Grenfell Campus to launch the Smart Bay project in the Bay of Islands. All are invited to this public meeting to discuss this exciting new initiative. The project is aimed at collecting and distributing useful information to all Bay of Islands users waterway.  Consultations have begun with user groups, community groups and other interested parties to find out what type of information is needed and how it should be made publicly available.  Some examples of the kind of information that Smart Bay may collect are weather and safety reports, underwater maps of the Bay, water current and other navigational info.  Who should attend this meeting? Municipal leaders, Fishers, Tourism Operators, Harbour Authorities, Recreational Boaters, Local Residents and all others who are interested. Contact Gail Martiri at or 709.637.2884 for more information.