TakeCHARGE of Your Town Challenge

TakeCHARGE of Your Town Challenge
Participating communities across the province
The takeCHARGE of Your Town Challenge is a campaign sponsored by NL Hydro and NL Power designed to encourage municipalities, local service districts and their residents to reduce their energy use. How does it work?  Municipalities and local service districts province-wide registered for the takeCHARGE of Your Town Challenge in October. (Is your town registered? Find a complete list here: http://www.takechargenl.ca/TownChallenge/default.aspx.) Energy consumption is being measured over a three-month period beginning November 1, 2010 and ending January 31, 2011. The municipality that reduces their energy consumption by the highest percentage (compared to the same period last year) will win a $10,000 energy efficiency upgrade for a municipal building(s) in their community. The grand prize will be awarded and announced February 18th, 2011. Every municipality who entered the takeCHARGE of Your Town Challenge received a ballot to win a community Skating Party, Winter Fun Day or Tree-lighting ceremony over the 2010 Holiday season. Five community events will be awarded based on categories of population size. The five categories are: 1-1000; 1001-5000; 5001-10,000; 10,001 –15,000; and, over 15,000. These prizes will be drawn December 2nd, 2010. Residents can help their municipality win the grand prize by making wise energy efficiency choices in their homes. There are lots of great tips to get you started on takechargenl.ca. Every resident who completes one of the three Energy Savers Rebate Program applications (insulation, programmable thermostat, ENERGY STAR® windows) between October 2nd, 2010, and December 1st, 2010, will have a ballot entered on behalf of their municipality to win a fun-filled winter community event. For further information visit: http://www.takechargenl.ca/TownChallenge/default.aspx.
As one of the municipalities registered for the takeCHARGE project, the City of Corner Brook has put out a special call to encourage its residents to conserve energy. For a list of ideas of how to reduce energy consumption visit www.cornerbrook.com or www.takechargenl.ca. The City is asking that you distribute this among your contacts to help spread the word and encourage other community members to take part in the Take Charge NL Challenge. For more information call 637-1630 or email Rhea Hutchings, Supervisor of Sustainable Development, City of Corner Brook (rhutchings@cornerbrook.com).