Water Security and Conservation Fair for High School Students – Real Actions … Real Change!

The Suncor Energy Fluvarium is inviting Grade 9 to Level III students to make a difference for water security & conservation in your community! How could YOU make a Real Change with a PLAN & $1000? We are going to award 5 High School Teams $1000 to do something hands-on and real! Do you have a great idea to protect out water sources, our water ecosystems or our water supply? We are looking for up to 30 teams to show us what you can do, if only you had the money to do it! Your Statement of Intent is due December 15, 2010! You will present your final project on March 22, 2011! Contact Denise Hennebury to get the full details and application dhennebury@fluvarium.ca 709-754-3474