Tell The Environment Committee To Pass Bill C-469, The Canadian Environmental Bill Of Rights

Bill C-469, the Canadian Environmental Bill of Rights is currently before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development. Unfortunately, this important bill is being stalled in the Committee by some committee members. Environmental rights are recognized in 170 countries around the world, and are enshrined in legislation in the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Ontario and Quebec. Environmental rights should be extended to all Canadians equally. If you support environmental rights for all Canadians, please take a few minutes to write to the members of the Committee and let them know that you support bill C-469, the Canadian Environmental Bill of Rights. CHAIR: James Bezan M.P. ( Members: Stephen Woodworth M.P. (; Mark Warawa M.P. (; Blaine Calkins M.P. (; Steven Blaney M.P. (; Armstrong, Scott M.P. (; Francis Scarpaleggia M.P. (; Joyce Murray M.P. (; Gerard Kennedy M.P. (; Christian Ouellet Député (; Bernard Bigras Député (; Linda Duncan, M.P. (; CLERK : Guyanne Desforges (

If you would like a copy of the bill, please contact Linda Duncan at About the Bill: The bill requires the federal government to take action to protect Canadians’ right to a healthy environment; It ensures access to environmental information and the right to participate in decisions related to the environment; It expands the right to request investigations of environmental offences and bring environmental issues to the courts; It provides whistleblower protection for employees; It ensures accountability by giving Canadians the right to bring the federal government to court when it fails to enforce environmental laws. Please help. Write to all members of the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development and tell them you want them to pass Bill C-469. You can download a copy of Linda Duncan’s (M.P., Edmonton Strathcona) petition here (