Documentary – Algae: The Future Of Fuel

Believe it or not – algae is cool! It’s everywhere, it grows like crazy, and it is bursting with oil!

The documentary, Algae: The Future Of Fuel, reveals how scientists at the National Research Council in Halifax are searching for the ultimate algae variety that can produce a large volume of oil in a short period of time using a minimum of nutrients. They are also exploring the potential to use sewage wastewater as a source of nutrients for the growing the algae. 

Algae: The Future Of Fuel will be airing this Sunday January 9th at 12 noon on CBC’s Land & Sea.  For those of you in other countries you can view the documentary after it airs on the CBC website at:

Most people probably don’t realize that the crude oil we pump from the ground was produced by algae. The only significant difference between the algae oil and crude oil is a few million years of aging.