Community Sector Council Learning Sessions: Innovation in Practice

Join CSC for two new learning sessions on innovation

Free Webinars and Teleconference Sessions

» What makes an organization innovative? Is yours?
» Looking for new ways of working and generating ideas?
» Wondering how to encourage staff and volunteers to be more creative?
» Interested in hearing about local success?

Join CSC (from the comfort of your home or office!) for two new learning sessions that will get your creative juices flowing and help you plant the seeds of innovation in your community organization.  Download the flyer…

Part 1
Innovation in Practice
Hear more local success stories and get practical tips on how to encourage your staff, board and volunteers to generate new ideas and be more innovative. Online resources will help you begin fostering an innovative culture in your own organization!

The Facilitator for this session is Bettina Ford and guest speakers include Ken Kavanagh from the Community Centre Alliance and Ruth MacDonald from CSC.


January 26, 2011 Webinar from 1 to 2 pm NST (Newfoundland Standard Time)
high speed Internet, speakers and/or headset required


January 27, 2011 Teleconference from 1 to 2 pm NST (Newfoundland Standard Time)

telephone access only

PART TWO: Creating a Culture of Innovation in Your Organisation