Participate in a new North American environmental nonprofit salary and benefits survey


Key Decisions During Turbulent Times Require Great Information


Dear Environmental Nonprofit Colleague:


Now is your time to help yourself and other environmental nonprofits in North America by completing your organization’s survey.  The more environmental nonprofits that participate, the more helpful the data will be for all of us!


The Training Resources for the Environmental Community (TREC) survey for North American environmental nonprofit organizations is the only survey that will provide you with the comprehensive information needed to make employment and people decisions during these difficult economic times.  Plus, you’ll have access to information that can be used to make better, more informed decisions on your salary and benefits costs.


[CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE NOW] Participation is open to all sizes and types of environmental nonprofits—from a one-person staff to national organizations.  You must have at least one employee who works 30 hours or more to participate.


SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFERorganizations that complete both the salary and the benefits section of the survey will receive your country’s full salary and benefits survey and executive summary survey free, a $268 value. 




You may be asking yourself two questions at the moment:

1.  Why all the fuss about a compensation and benefits survey?

2.  Is it worth my time and resources to spend the approximately 30 – 60 minutes to complete the survey?


Although total compensation is one of the lower ranked factors of employee engagement, it quickly rises to the top of employee dis-engagement if it is off-base, significantly non-competitive, or administered inequitably within the organization.  Compensation can be a highly emotionally charged issue if it is not handled correctly.  One of the reasons total compensation is relatively low as an engagement factor is it is expected by employees to be fair and competitive.  Fair and competitive compensation is considered by many employees to be a condition of employment.


Participation in the survey helps you to know…

·         Is my total compensation package (salary and benefits) competitive?

·         Am I managing my internal compensation in a balanced process between what the organization can afford to pay and the “value” of various roles or positions within the organization?

·         As a leader, do I know if the offer I am making to a key candidate is good enough to seal the deal?

·         For USA organizations, are we in compliance with new IRS 990 compensation guidelines?


No one can know the answers to these vitally important questions without valid, timely data and the know-how to use them. 


The TREC 2011 Salary and Benefits Survey results also provide you with valuable cost and turnover data within the non-profit environmental sector for the first time.  New data items in the TREC  2011 salary and benefits survey provides compensation cost per employee, benefits cost per employee, compensation as a percentage of operating budget, benefits as a percentage of operating budget, and a breakdown of the costs of major individual benefits being offered such as healthcare.


We encourage you to take the time to complete the survey, as soon as possible, as it will greatly benefit your organization and all environmental organizations in North America.  If you have any questions or challenges during the completion of this survey, please to call or email the Bluewater Non-profit Solutions–TREC help desk.  The survey closes February 25th.


We wish to thank our collaborative partners–Institute for Conservation Leadership, Sustainability Network, and New England Grassroots Environmental Fund–for their generous assistance in the outreach effort for this project.  We also wish to thank the Canadian HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector, for their generous support of modifications to the survey to accommodate Canadian benefits.


Thank you for helping us to create this valuable resource for the North American environmental nonprofit community.


All the best,


Dyan Oldenburg                      and                              Donna Neusch Ph.D.

Executive Director                                                      Director of Evaluation/HR Sr. Associate