Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) 2011 National Conference

“Exploring the Socioecological in Education and Culture: Becoming Active Participants in Change”

The 2011 Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) conference will focus on exploring the issues of learning and being active in society AND our environment. The word ‘socioecological’ foregrounds the intertwined nature of environmental education with cultural and social justice issues. We need to continue to consider our environment and our place in it as integrated. It is time for more decolonising narratives to be brought forward and explored within the field of environmental education. Learning and activism are the contexts within which socioecological ideas will be explored. Learning extends beyond the K-12 education system. All aspects of formal, informal and non-formal education are welcomed and open for discussion. Activism is broadly considered as taking opportunities to be actively engaged in socioecological expression. The urban and rural interface in education, sustainable living practices, and political activities are welcome opportunities for exploration of this socioecological learning theme.

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