Western Environment Centre quarterly newsletter — submissions welcome

The Western Environment Centre has some exciting news! We have established a Communications & Outreach working group and a quarterly newsletter is in the works. The newsletter will be published online through a link on our website, www.wecnl.ca, in March, June, September and December. In saying that, I am reaching out to all of you and your organizations in order to build a cataloge of content. WEC would also like to assist in advertising any up coming events or updates about the important work that you do. Please let us know the dates and a bit about of all of your March, April & May events for our March newsletter. When we publish in June, an inventory of all of your June, July & August events, and so on. Articles of up to 500 words will be published and, or  any interesting facts or stories you would like to submit. 

At the Western Environment Centre, our mandate is to educate the public on sustainable living and matters of environmental concern, in a balanced and objective manner. Please help us to achieve our goals and making a difference in the world that we live in!  

For further information:

Carolyn Wheeler, Project Coordinator
Western Environment Centre
86 West Street, suite # 5, Corner Brook, Nl, A2H 2Z3
(709) 634-9470