Volunteer with the Suncor Energy Fluvarium: 6 volunteer positions open

1. Historical documentation assistant
Volunteer type position: Project
The Suncor Energy Fluvarium opened in 1990 as the Freshwater Resource Centre. The centre is an ongoing project of the Quidi Vidi Rennies River Development Foundation (QVRRDF) that started in the 1980s with the goal of cleaning up our watersheds and promoting stewardship of our wetlands. We are looking for volunteers with good writing and organizational skills to compile historical documents of the QVRRDF and the Suncor Energy Fluvarium. Volunteer duties may include:
* Creating digital scans of the Ripples Newsletter and historical documents.
* Researching and collecting newspaper articles regarding the foundation and the centre.
* Creating website content regarding the history of the foundation and the centre.

2. Update education program kit materials
Volunteer position type: Ongoing/Project
The Suncor Energy Fluvarium offers school programming aimed at students from pre-school to high school. Under the guidance of education staff, we are looking for volunteers to help update educational program materials. If you are a creative and or artistic individual this position will suit you! Volunteer duties may include:
* Working with education staff to identifying programs that require updated materials.
* Contacting vendors to determine cost of items.
* Creating props in-house for programs.
* Designing new props and materials to update in-house and travelling education kits.

3. Long Pond trail activity station
Volunteer position type: Project
The Suncor Energy Fluvarium is looking for volunteers to design activity stations along the Long Pond trail and Riparian Zone walk. An activity book for children would be designed with a set of self-guided environmental education activities. The volunteers would preferably be senior level university students with an education background and would be responsible for:
* Researching and designing environmental education activities for children.
* Identifying appropriate areas of the Long Pond trail or Riparian Zone walk for activities.
* Creating and implementing activities.

4. Seasonal exhibit collection, design and maintenance
Volunteer position type: Project
The Suncor Energy Fluvarium has a variety of exhibits relating to the properties of water, wetland habitats and monitoring wetland systems. To promote seasonal visitation, we are looking to add a seasonal theme to our exhibits and create a seasonal exhibit. Working closely with Education and Exhibit staff, the volunteer would be responsible for:
* Researching seasonal exhibits that could be implemented at the Fluvarium. (ie. Discovery centre station, Nature exchange, etc.)
* Creating a cost estimate and budget for implementing a seasonal exhibit.
*  Collecting materials and adding a seasonal theme for exhibits (ie. updated materials for the Microeye exhibit, insect collection exhibit).

5. Aquarium and terrarium maintenance
Volunteer position type: Bi-weekly/monthly
The Suncor Energy Fluvarium houses a variety of local amphibian and fish species in terrariums and aquariums. Each of these tanks requires maintenance to ensure healthy conditions for each species. This volunteer position requires a bi-weekly or monthly commitment to maintain and clean tanks. Duties for this position include:
* Cleaning windows of the aquariums and terrariums.
* Cleaning the inside and outside stream windows of the fluvarium.
* Siphoning the bottoms of aquariums.
* Performing water quality tests.
* Replacing/renewing water in terrariums.
*  Arrangement of plants and decorations in terrariums

6. Research animals and naturalize terrariums/aquaria
Volunteer position type:Project
The Suncor Energy Fluvarium is interested in naturalizing the aquariums and terrariums that house our fish and amphibians. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, naturalized tanks provide a healthy habitat for the animals and helps create a better visitor experience. A volunteer working on this project would be responsible for:
* Researching amphibian of fish species and local plants.
* Making recommendations on how to sustainably naturalize the tanks based on our current aquarium setup (lighting and water conditions) and local ecology.
* Creating a cost estimate and budget for naturalizing each tank.
* Implementing the recommendations and naturalizing the terrariums and aquaria.
* Updating animal care sheets based on research.

For further information on the volunteer positions contact:
Justin So