Webinar: Receipting Practices and Legal Compliance for Environmental Charities

 Tuesday, March 8, 2011
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM (Eastern Time)
Where: Your desktop

Please join the Sustainability Network and Capacity Builders of the Ontario Community Support Association for this special FREE webinar designed specifically for environmental charities.

Charity lawyer Mark Blumberg will focus on the “dos and don’ts” of charitable receipting. Did you know that 89% of registered charities were found to be improperly issuing official donation receipts when audited by Canada Revenue Agency? This is an interactive session, so you will have lots of opportunities to ask questions. Among the receipting topics Mark will cover:

– When is your charity allowed to issue official donation receipts and for how much?
– What is a gift?
– How do you determine “fair market value” for gifts-in-kind?
– What is split receipting and how does it affect your special events and other fundraisers?
– What are the top receipting mistakes and abuses and how do you avoid them?
– Can computer and email generated receipts be used?
– What are CRA’s top receipting concerns?
– What are the issues, problems, and consequences that can arise from improper receipting?

As a special feature, Mark will also discuss the top legal compliance issues registered charities need to understand to protect their charitable status.

This session is designed for executive directors, directors, staff, and volunteers of Canadian registered charities that are involved with either fundraising, issuing donation receipts or governance.

This session is sponsored by The Charity Law Information Program (CLIP), a project of Capacity Builders funded by the Canada Revenue Agency. You can learn more about the CLIP project, and all our other products and services, at http://www.capacitybuilders.ca/clip

To sign up for the webinar, visit: https://ocsa.webex.com/ocsa/k2/j.php?ED=142775162&UID=958851912&RT=NCMxMQ%3D%3D&FM=1