Forest Issues Coordinator Assistant

Deadline: Friday, June 3, 2011

Primary responsibility is to help coordinate community outreach and research in the field of sustainable community forests in Newfoundland and Labrador and develop environmental campaigns and educational programs.

More specifically, your responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with individuals, industries, community groups, businesses, non-governmental agencies, and governments to build formal and informal partnerships with regards to sustainable forest issues in NL
  • Organizing the Coalition for Sustainable Forests in NL
  • Providing updates for the cpawsnl website
  • Providing support and coordination for the Board of Directors and the volunteer Stakeholder Committee
  • Implementing projects based on CPAWS-NL’s comprehensive mission and vision statements
  • Promoting and marketing the organization


This is a SWASP position

Students are required to complete a 280-hour community service placement (normally over 8 weeks) and will:

  • Develop transferable employment skills;
  • Receive career-related experience;
  • Establish future employment networks in the voluntary community-based and public sectors;
  • Receive a $1,400 Tuition Voucher, redeemable at any recognized post-secondary institution; and
  • Receive an $1,400 stipend over the course of the placement.

Students must meet ALL these criteria (international students are NOT eligible):

  • Must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or refugee under Immigration Refugee Protection Act; and
  • Must be planning to attend a post-secondary institution on a full time basis in the coming academic year; and
  • Must have been registered as full time students in the previous academic year; and
  • Must be between 15 and 30 years old (inclusive); and
  • May NOT hold another full time job (30 hours per week or more) while on the SWASP placement; and
  • May NOT be attending classes full-time while on the SWASP placement.


Suzanne Dooley —