Children’s Wish Foundation & Ever Green Recycling Greenest Office Challenge 2011

The goal is simple: To increase beverage container recycling efforts within the business/office place all while raising funds to grant wishes for children in NL suffering from life threatening illnesses.

How does it work?

The competition runs from Mar 23rd – Dec 24th 2011.Once registered for the competition, we will mail you your Ever Green Recycling Card. When your office/business brings in your beverage containers to one of Ever Green’s four locations, just swipe your card – the system will generate bar-coded stickers. Place the stickers on the bags; deposit them in the storage container. And you’re done, free to go about the rest of your busy day. Throughout the competition, emails will be sent to each participating company showing:

  • Your teams current amount raised in dollars, which will be directed to support the Children’s Wish Foundation
  • Our overall Carbon Footprint, and positive effect on the environment
  • And of course your place in the standings

 Why should we participate?  

  • During this challenge, 100% of your beverage containers’ recycling dollars will help grant wishes to children with life threatening illnesses.
  • To Reduce Reuse Recycle & Respect the environment.
  • Along with supporting Children’s Wish Foundation, your recycling efforts will help Ever Green to advance mental health employees in integrated workplaces.
  • To win the 2011 title of “Children’s Wish Foundation & Ever Green Recycling Greenest Office 2011.” 

 What’s in it for us?  

Simply, a better and greener future. The chance to grant a wish to a child with a life threatening illness, and to support mental health employment.

The winning team will receive a Tree Planting Ceremony, in honour of their dedication to the environment as “Children’s Wish Foundation & Ever Green Recycling Greenest Office 2011” during Environment Week 2012.

To get involved contact Dave at:
739-9474(WISH) or 1-800-267-9474(WISH)