Webinar: "Greening Education with Courage and Compassion"

Monday May 30, 2011, 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. EST Webinar topic:  “Greening Education with Courage and Compassion”

Presenter:  Julie Johnston  

Most educators don’t go into teaching because they want to become heroes, but it’s going to take courage and compassion, along with a whole lot of creativity and critical thinking, to green the heart of our education system. We are already beyond peak oil (IEA, 2010) and into dangerous greenhouse gas levels. The global climate change emergency is already impacting vulnerable regions and populations around the world, with 300,000 or more people every year losing their lives and many more losing their livelihoods, homes, food security and water sources. What should our response be? Is simply tweaking a 20th century curriculum enough, in light of 21st century realities?

This webinar will suggest some transformative and provocative “big idea” principles for greening the heart of education, and then outline what teachers need to know and need to do in order to help their students create the best possible future in a carbon-constrained and climate-changed world. 

Age appropriateness:  Grades K-12  (for formal educators)

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