Feather & Folk Nature Festival

Come outside and enjoy the scenery of Newfounland’s beautiful southwest coast!  The Feather & Folk Festival is a time of year when everyone gets a chance to explore nature, while having fun and learning new and exciting things about Newfoundland’s natural heritage.  If you are interested in birding, a huge nature lover and wish to join  us in celebrating the beauty of Newfoundland’s southwest coast, the Feather & Folk Festival is an excellent place to be!

From May 27 to June 5, you will have the opportunity to join birding experts as they tour some of Newfoundland and Labrador’s hottest birding areas, and witness the many shorebirds and seabirds that make the southwest coast their home.  Visit our calendar of events and you will see that local folklore is yours to discover through a variety of cultural activities offered throughout the week.  At the Feather and Folk Festival, there is something for everyone!

Full event details and schedule: http://featherandfolk.ca/