Gardening Q & A and Seed Sharing

Western Environment Centre presents

Gardening Q & A and Seed Sharing with Elder Ferrin Leavitt

Wednesday, June 1 @ 7:30 pm

Location: College of the North Atlantic, Room 207


RSVP to Space is limited to 25 participants! Registration is free for WEC members and $5 for non-members. (Annual WEC membership fee is $10)

This gardening workshop will follow an interactive question and answer format. We want you to go away with answers to your questions!

To help make this happen we need:

A) Your questions:

Decide why you want to attend the garden class, then write down the questions you would like answers to. We won’t be able to answer all your questions but will have a better chance if you send us the questions ahead of time to If you do not have time to send along your questions bring them to the class.

Feel free to ask questions about any of the following topics 

  • Preparing the soil
  • Planting
  • Watering
  • Mulching
  • Composting
  • Weed control

 B) Your solutions:

If you have found success with composting, fertilizing, mulching, watering or weed control please feel free to type up your formulas for success and bring copies for distribution to the class.

Note: you’re also encouraged to bring any plant material or seeds you wish to share!

 The following topics will also be covered briefly in the introduction: 

·      How you affect seeds and plants

·      Using magnetic north and the moon to improve production

·      If some is good, twice as much must be better

·      Recognizing the natural plant cycles

·      Publication information, government and other sources

Elder Ferrin Leavitt has a two year college degree in Practical Agriculture from the Olds College of Agriculture, a Bachelors Degree in Agronomy from Brigham Young University, and a Masters degree in Plant Science from Utah State University. He retired early and worked as a Church representative in Kenya, Africa where he assisted in the development of wells and irrigation projects.