East Coast Trail Association Recreational Hike: Stiles Cove Path

Path: Stiles Cove Path (Pouch Cove to Flatrock)
Date/Time: Sunday, June 12, 2011, 9:30 am
Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 15.1 km
Rating: Moderate/Difficult
Type: Regular hike
Meeting Location: Meet in Flatrock in the St. Michael’s Church parking lot.
Leader: Marian Dawe mdawe29@yahoo.ca / 368 2489
Co-Leader: An experienced hiker selected from among the participants.
Notes: The spectacular Stiles Cove Path, spanning Pouch Cove to Flatrock, can readily be divided into three sections; Pouch Cove to Shoe Cove, Shoe Cove to Stiles Cove and Stiles Cove to Flatrock. This hike will cover all three sections.