Recreational Hike – East Coast Trail Association

Path:Spout Path (Shoal Bay to Bay Bulls)
Date/Time:Saturday, July 09, 2011, 8:00 am
Duration:9 hours
Distance:23 km
Type:Regular hike

Meeting Location: Meet in the parking area at the end of Gunridge Road on the north side of Bay Bulls. Some cars will be left there and hikers transported to Shoal Bay Road, the actual start of the hike.

Leader:Louise Dawe
739 5037

Co-Leader:An experienced hiker selected from among the participants.

Note: The Spout Path is an iconic path of the East Coast Trail. It is a challenging hike. Participants should be experienced hikers, be fit, properly equipped and cary adequate drink and food. Hiking boots with good ankle support are essential. Access to the path is by way of 6.6 km of rocky roadbed.