Department of Environment and Conservation not keeping promises

On May 10, 2010, the Progressive Conservative Minister of Environment and Conservation, Ms Charlene Johnson, told the Telegram that in response to the question of whether or not to ban cosmetic pesticides in Newfoundland and Labrador, “There’s a lot of work going on,” and “It’s something that’s getting high priority in the department, and it is up for consideration.” The article by Steve Bartlett went on to say that:   “Johnson explains a U.S. company is challenging a Canadian pesticide ban in court and that she’d like details from the case before making her decision.” “I don’t want us to end up in a lawsuit”.

It is now over 13 months Since Ms Johnson made her statement. The NAFTA court challenge was recently settled; the province of Quebec was allowed to uphold their 2003 cosmetic pesticide ban, and the chemical corporation, Dow AgroSciences was awarded no monetary compensation. The David Suzuki Foundation stated this is an important signal to other provinces.

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