Summerhill Environmental Consulting Group – Job Opportunities

Summerhill Group is a company dedicated to transforming the market to more sustainable options. They do this educating consumers on the benefits of choosing more energy-efficient products, such as compact fluorescent light bulbs, programmable thermostats and Energy Star rated appliances. While based in Toronto, Ontario, they work with many utilities and retailers nationwide every year, to bring Canadians the information they need to make better choices every day.

Summerhill Group is working with Newfoundland Hydro to bring Newfoundland & Labrador our newest project, the Coastal Labrador Energy Efficiency Project. There are two different roles they are hiring for:

1. Direct Install Representatives – Nain (4 representatives) and Mary’s Harbour (3 representatives) – They will be visiting households and small businesses in their designated areas, and offering direct installs of small products (aerators, showerheads, compact fluorescent light bulbs, etc.) in residents’ homes as well as in small businesses. They will also be promoting the Residential Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) to homeowners. This program is a provincial initiative offering subsidized energy-saving retrofits to qualifying households in Newfoundland & Labrador.

2. Outreach Representatives – Hopedale (1 representative) and Port Hope Simpson (1 representative) – These representatives will be responsible for coordinating their own outreach events to promote REEP within their communities. They will also likely be responsible for phone calls to homeowners educating them on the benefits of the energy-efficient retrofits included in REEP.

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