Evergreen Recycling Card

Have you heard about the Ever Green Recycling Card? It’s recycling made easy, and it’s FREE!

If you live in the St. John’s area the Ever Green Recycling Card allows cardholders to skip lineups at Ever Green depots and track earnings online on Ever Green’s website, www.greencan.ca.

Pick up your free card at any 4 Ever Green locations: Blackmarsh Road, Torbay Road, Cowan Avenue or Elizabeth Avenue. Once you obtain a card, it must be registered on www.greencan.ca. In 3 simple steps, your card will be ready to use immediately!

Swipe you card at the depot and place bar coded stickers on each of your bags. You will be in and out in 15 seconds! Within 24 hours, your money will be deposited into your online account. Once a minimum balance of $50 is reach, you can request to have a check mailed to you or you can pick it up at main office located on Blackmarsh Road.

The Recycling Card is just that simple! Sign up today & follow Ever Green Environmental on Facebook and Twitter.