Youth Leadership Training with Canadian Youth and the GO Project

Time: 10:00p – 2:30p, Friday, July 29, 2011
Location:  St. Paul’s Church, Robin Hood Bay, St. Philip’s Beach
Description:    MI Ocean Net will be hosting a special event with the ‘GO Project’ and youth from across Canada on Friday, Jul29.11.  The day will start with a motivating and empowering discussion on some truths about sustainability, followed by a guided tour of the Robin Hood Bay facilities, and finishing the day with a cleanup of St. Philip’s Beach.  MI Ocean Net volunteers are invited to join in the beach cleanup at 12:30p, Friday, July 29 on St. Philip’s beach.  Bring some friends, join us on your lunch break, and we’ll help make a difference TOGETHER!


10:00a:  MI Ocean Net’s empowering “Our Wake Up Call” slideshow and discussion

11:15a:   Guided tour of Robin Hood Bay facilities

12:30p:  Cleanup of St. Philip’s Beach