Regional Student Organizer (Volunteer):Inside the Bottle Regional Student Organizer Internship (5 regional positions available)


Campaigns/Organizing Job Description: For more than 6 years, the Polaris Institute has worked in collaboration with labour, environmental, youth and social justice groups, on a multi-year campaign to build support for our public water systems and challenge the social and environmental impacts of bottled water [see our site]. The Inside the Bottle campaign has provided tools and services such as, corporate research, rapid response analysis and web-based actions, to municipal governments, university/college campuses, high schools and community water groups. Campuses are running campaigns to urge their administrations to end the sale of bottled water on campus and provide more access to tap water for students. Students are playing a critical role in Canada and already 13 campuses have committed to ditch-the-bottle and back-the-TAP!

In this internship program, interns will take on significant projects to advance the Inside the Bottle campaign by building a team of activists on their own campus and in their region. Regional organizers will work in their targeted region with remote support from Polaris Institute’s Campaigns Coordinator in Ottawa. Organizers will develop water programs and targets while simultaneously coordinating and working with other student leaders on campuses in their region. The internship will include direct skills trainings on grassroots campaign planning, strategy, and tactics, student outreach, and advocacy.

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