Apply to be a Wings of Change Workshop Facilitator: Deliver Climate Education Workshops

Become a Wings of Change Facilitator!

Dear change-makers,

I’m writing you this letter because what I do right now is climate education. I’ve watched Wings of Change grow from an idea on a conference call to a few pilot classrooms to extend across the country. This spring we’ll reach 10 000 young Canadians with a youth led popular education program unlike any other and that’s something I am passionate about, excited about and insanely proud of. So passionate, excited and proud, in fact, that I just ended a sentence with a preposition.

Delivering these workshops has been, without a doubt, the most inspiring and the most exciting work I’ve ever been a part of. The concepts of climate justice and social movements may seem difficult to define to a room of academics and they certainly appear to be indecipherable to more than a few prominent politicians, yet I’ve walked into classrooms where students are discussing the intersections between climate change and social justice for the first time and it’s absolutely intuitive. It’s the kind of experience that, when faced with the dizzying scope of the climate crisis, keeps me hopeful, inspired, energized and genuinely excited to be a part of this movement. Have I mentioned how excited I am about this?

Please read the information package, listen to the podcast, check out the Wings of Change blogs or email me to find out more, and — read close now, this is the important part– fill out that application form. We are looking for engaged, enthusiastic facilitators in Atlantic Canadian communities to deliver the Wings of Change climate education workshop to Canadian youth this spring. Yeah, you can be a part of this!

Let’s put 2012 in the history books, not as the end of an era but as the time we spent building a just, liveable future for our generation and those to come.


Emilie Novaczek
Wings of Change, East Coast Coordinator


Please send complete applications to by January 24, 2012. All applications will be reviewed by a panel and selections will be made as soon as possible. Interested in receiving a Wings of Change workshop in your group or classroom? Please email For more information, visit here.