Join the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup this September

Join the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup this September

No Matter How it Comes, Litter Puts us at Risk


What do a payphone, wedding dress, and false teeth all have in common? These unusual items, along with plastic bags, bottle caps, and other debris were all found on Canadian shorelines! To make our rivers and lakes cleaner and healthier for everyone, the Vancouver Aquarium and WWF are asking you to sign up for the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, presented by Loblaw Companies Limited.

No matter what form it comes in, shoreline litter puts wildlife and people at risk. The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is a great opportunity for Canadians to get outside and transform their community into a litter-free environment.  A few hours removing litter from your favourite shoreline really can make a difference.

Our program runs from September 15-23rd, 2012, sign up today.

Last year, the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup cleared more than one hundred forty-three thousand kilograms of litter – the approximate weight of seventy-two Steller sea lions – from over three thousand kilometers of shorelines. This year, we’re hoping to accomplish even more.

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