Volunteer: Reintroduction of Atlantic Salmon into Rennies River

The Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland (SAEN) is in the process of implementing a project to reintroduce atlantic salmon to Rennies River via instream egg incubation units. SAEN is looking for volunteers to plant eggs during the middle two weeks of November. Staging will occur from our office at 50 Pippy Place, unit 8 where volunteers will be trained and told where to plant eggs. We will require teams of two to four to volunteer ½ day units throughout a two week period to complete this work. Volunteers will need long rubber boots/ hip waders, a shovel, large knapsack and small buckets. A GPS would also be beneficial in locating Redd sites.

Contact Lyle Drake at lyle950@yahoo.com or the SAEN office at 722-9300 for further information.