Call for Nominations: NLEN Board of Directors

In preparation for our AGM on March 4th, the Newfoundland and Labrador is asking for nominations for new board members. Read below for more info or contact us at

The Steering Committee shall be composed of between six and twelve people, each from different member organizations, with every effort to have regional representation, gender parity and other such considerations as determined by members. The committee meets every 6-8 weeks via teleconference.

The mandate of the Steering Committee is:

to organize provincial Network Meeting(s);

to designate one Provincial Network Meeting annually as the Annual General Meeting;

to hire and supervise Network staff, and to enforce personnel policies;

to develop policies, bylaws and budgets for approval by the membership of the Network;

to carry out activities which are consistent with the purpose and objectives of the Network; and

to negotiate proposals for funding on behalf of the Network.