ACAP Humber Arm Produces Water Poster

Following closely on the heels of World Water Day ACAP Humber Arm has produced a poster illustrating several different water related messages.  The poster, designed to look like a scene in western Newfoundland, highlights the water cycle, human interactions with and uses of water, and residential water conservation tips.

“Very often you see images of the water cycle or water conservation messages as stand-alone images,” says Sheldon Peddle, Executive Director of ACAP Humber Arm.  “We wanted to produce an image that showed these messages, not in isolation, but the inter-connectedness of how we use and interact with our water resources.”

The poster was designed as a public education tool.  “With the many messages contained in this poster it will be a useful educational tool for all grade levels and various subjects,” adds Peddle.  Any teachers in the Bay of Islands or Humber Valley regions interested in receiving a copy of the poster for their classroom should contact Peddle at

The poster will also be featured at various community and public education events ACAP Humber Arm will be taking part in over the coming months.  “There is a misconception that fresh water is abundant.  We hope this poster start discussions on how we interact with the water cycle, how we can conserve water, etc.  These are messages not just for school aged children, but important for the larger population as well.”

The poster was produced and printed with support for the City of Corner Brook.

poster final copy