ACAP “Environmental Explorers” summer camp

For Immediate Release ACAP HUMBER ARM BRINGING ENVIRONMENTAL CAMPS OUT INTO THE COMMUNITIES Children throughout the Bay of Islands are certainly familiar with ACAP Humber Arm’s “Environmental Explorers” program.  For the last number of years, every summer hundreds of children have taken part in fun and educational Environmental Explorer days hosted by ACAP Humber Arm in their community.  In the summer of 2015 children will have a new opportunity to discover and dive even further into what it means to be an “Environmental Explorer”. ACAP Humber Arm has announced that it is taking its successful Environmental Explorer days and turning them into week long camps.  Camps will be offered in the City of Corner Brook, the Town of Irishtown-Summerside, and the Town of Lark Harbour. Sheldon Peddle, Executive Director of ACAP Humber Arm, explains “our Environmental Explorer days were wildly successful but we always felt with the limited time frame of a one day event there were a lot of activities we were not able to offer to the children.  However, with a week-long camp, where we have the same children for five days, we can begin to explore things in much more detail; we can layer the activities and build upon the lessons so the children have a really fun and rich learning experience.” ACAP Humber Arm approached Grenfell Campus last fall about partnering to host camps, not just in Corner Brook but reach out other communities throughout the region.  “Grenfell’s Office of Engagement was extremely receptive to the idea of working with us to host camps in communities throughout the Bay of Islands.  We are very pleased Grenfell is willing to try this approach.”  Peddle is also pleased with the support they have received from local communities in support of these community based camps.  “The Town Councils and Clerks of Lark Harbour and Irishtown-Summerside have been very cooperative.  They have gone above and beyond to accommodate us holding these camps in their communities.  The neighboring communities have also been supportive as they camps will be available to all children in the region.” This year is considered a pilot project, with camps being held on both the North and South shores of the Bay of Islands.  ACAP Humber Arm suggests that if this year’s Environmental Explorer camps are successful they would like at expanding to offer the camps at other locations in future years. The Corner Brook based camp is for children ages 5 to 8 years old.  Both the Lark Harbour and Irishtown-Summerside camps are open to children aged 7 to 12.  You do not need to be a resident of the host community to register for the camp being held in that Town. Registration for the camps opens 8:30am, Thursday, April 16th.  Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.  More details can be found at or 637-6208. -30-   2 Attachments

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