Corner Brook Electric Bike Share Update

E-BikeShare Project Coordinator here, giving you all a quick update on how our newest project has been doing in its pilot year!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the Western Environment Centre launched its newest project, the Corner Brook Electric BikeShare Project, earlier this year in mid-May. Since then, we have been providing electric bicycles to members of the public to rent at a very low rate in an attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Corner Brook and to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The pilot season is still ongoing, so we don’t have a final tally of just how we did, but I’m proud to announce that so far, the pilot year is a success! We are seeing high rental rates when the weather is cooperating (July and August were our best months), and a lot of return renters. Once you try our bikes, you’ll want to keep on riding!

Stay tuned later this year for a full report on just how well the E-BikeShare Project did in its Pilot year, including estimates of greenhouse gas reductions and kilometres ridden on the bikes. But for now, we’re working on giving the season one final push. The weather is looking a bit yucky over the next few weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try out one of our electric bikes before the season closes in November. Visit to get all the details about when and where you can rent a bike. It’s just $10 for the day or $40 for a whole week.

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