Humber Natural History Society (HNHS) monthly meeting

The Humber Natural History Society (HNHS) monthly meeting is usually the second Tuesday of each month.

Please join our AGM on Tuesday, 8 December at 7:30 pm located in the Port Corporation Boardroom in the Pollett Building (61 Riverside Drive), Corner Brook

Open to the public!

Henry Mann will present a talk on and help us learn to identify fall berries.
Fall berry treats (jelly, chutney, breads, cookies) will be served. If you wish to bring something to share- please do!

The present HNHS executive will offer suggestions for a different focus in activities over the next year (fewer talks, more
walks). Your comments and suggestions on future activities will be appreciated during the meeting.

There will be an election of executive and we encourage interested folks to volunteer if this is something that interests them.
(Present executive members are Judy May, Tina Newbury, Alice Wills, Kim Olson, Julia Briffett, Bruce Rodrigues Lois Bateman.)

Information about our upcoming events: the Christmas Bird Count and Christmas Bird Count for Kids events will follow.

For further information, please reply to this email address.

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