The Suncor Fluvarium: Ice Fishing with Bob

February  13 & 14, 2016 sessions available: 9:30am, 11:00am, 1:00pm & 2:30pm each day 10-12 people per session
$17 adult, $12 youth (age 7+) +HST Prepaid registration is required and is non-refundable. Sessions may also be available throughout the week for youth groups.

Ice fishing is a fun activity for family and friends to enjoy the winter weather together. Plus, it is Valentine’s Day weekend, so maybe you and your favorite person might like to come and learn about a new outdoor activity!
This is a great starter session for anyone interested in trying ice fishing for the first time! It is Ice Fishing 101 designed to teach: ice safety, dressing for the weather, fishing tips and Bob’s tricks. You will get to watch augering and fishing demonstrations, and make your own ice fishing rod to take home.  If Long Pond is safe and solid, we can even try it all out on the ice.

Note: If there is not enough ice for even the augering demonstration there will be the opportunity to reschedule.
For more information or to book contact:

Denise Hennebury or Bob Piercey 754-3474 or

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