Breezes, Breath, and Bellows – World Listening Day

(not all of the bellows will be in an accordion)

Last year, in conjunction with the UN International Year of Soils, we celebrated the earth element and “tasted the place” with wild edibles.  The theme of the events in The Boreal Poetry Garden this summer is the element of the air, especially the wind.
(Boreal means northern, from Boreas, the Greek god of the north wind—the strongest and speediest of all winds. He was the bringer of snow and hail but, at times, he could be nice and calm as well.)
Sunday 17 July at 2 pm (rain date Monday 18 July at 7 pm)
Wednesday 20 July at 7 pm (rain date Thursday 21 July at 7 pm)
The Boreal Poetry Garden, Portugal Cove
Join us for a walk, some words, a woodwind, an accordion, and two moose horns in the woods:
Christine Carter, clarinet and principal moose horn; Marlene Creates, poetry; Florian Hoefner, accordion; and Don McKay, poetry and assistant principal moose horn.
These events are being held in conjunction with World Listening Day, an initiative of The World Listening Project—an annual global event held in July to create awareness of the soundscape in our surroundings:
Limited to 25 people. Advance registration required.
For directions and to register:
adults $25 | seniors and students $20 | children $10
with special thanks to the
Canada Council for the Arts

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