NLEN Refresh!!

We’re freshening things up for the Autumn here at NLEN! Make sure you’re subscribed to our e-update,  to receive information on environmental events, actions, opportunities (job, volunteer, funding), and news! It is sent out every Monday throughout the school year.

We’re currently doing a membership drive right now – and it’s a great time to do so! Annual memberships for 2017 being  processes now will start immediately and end on December 31st 2017 – So you get 2016’s Autumn months on us! Check out the membership benefits and how to join here!

Is your organization already a member? How can we help you??

  • Do you have an upcoming event, are you recruiting volunteers or do you have an employment opportunities to advertise? Add opportunities weekly to our e-update by filling out the form on our website. 
  • Do you have an online regular newsletter that we can add to our eupdate via hyperlink? You can also fill out the form on our website, just make sure to put in the details that it is a online newsletter! It’s be in every one of our e-updates! Same thing goes for any recently published resources you want us to share!
  • Has your organization accomplish a project or just been in top form recently? We’re feeling out a new feature for our e-update and that’s Member Spotlights – Send us an email at with the subject line: “Member Spotlight Submission”. Include a paragraph celebrating something your organization has accomplished recently and a short description of your organization such as your mission statement. Feel free to include an image to accompany your spotlight!

Things to look forward to from NLEN: a Provincial Environmental Organizations Directory, our Annual General Meeting, an Oceans Caucus and even more coverage of what our member groups are up to! Watch for the e-update on Mondays to for details!

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