Deep-sea Mining of Hydrothermal Vents: A Future Reality or Fantasy?

Part of ACAP Humber Arm’s ongoing Coastal Matters Speaker Series

November 17th,  12:30 – 1:20pm

Room 2014, Forest Centre, Grenfell Campus

Deep-sea Mining of Hydrothermal Vents: A Future Reality or Fantasy?

Hot water volcanic springs on the seafloor produce mineral deposits rich in valuable base and precious metals.  As a result of recent advances in submarine technology, and a push by nations to secure strategic metal supplies, these deposits may soon be the first mineral resource mined from the deep ocean floor.  However, these deposits are also home to unique ecosystems, and the link between these organisms and the greater deep ocean ecosystem remains poorly understood.  Considering the historically poor environmental record of the mining industry, there is much concern regarding the effects of deep sea mining on global ocean health.


ACAP Humber Arm invites you to join our next Coastal Matters presentation where Dr. John Jamieson, Canada Research Chair in Marine Geology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, will discuss the current state of knowledge regarding the resource potential of deep sea mineral deposits , and also discuss some realities and misconceptions regarding the future potential of mining the seafloor, followed by a Q&A with the audience.  This talk will take place 12:30 to 1:20pm, Thursday, Nov 17th in room 2014 of the Forest Centre, Grenfell Campus, Corner Brook.


As with all Coastal Matters presentations this session is free of charge and open to the public. RSVP’s not required.  Tea and coffee will be available; feel free to bring your own bagged lunch.  Please help us promote this session by forwarding this email to your contacts and/or displaying the attached poster at your workplace.


ACAP Humber Arm wishes to thank Grenfell Campus for ongoing support of the Coastal Matter’s Speakers Series

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