Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides – Newfoundland and Labrador (CAP-NL)

Year Founded:    2009
Status:   Non-Incorporated Group

CAP-NL is a provincial coalition of health and environmental organizations and citizens. Their mandate is to defend basic rights to health and environmental quality and to eliminate the use of toxic substances such as pesticides and replace them with ecologically sound alternatives. The Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides-NL has been advocating for changes in pesticide legislation, for a ban on non-essential pesticides that are shown to be harmful to people and the environment, and for a “white” list of safe acceptable products and for protective legislation comparable to that in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Geographical Scope of Mission:   Provincial

Regions in which this organization has an ongoing, strong presence:
Labrador, Western, Central, Eastern, Avalon, NE Avalon



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