Meet the Funders: Funding and Proposal Writing Workshop

March 18,2011

Meet the Funders: Funding and Proposal Writing Workshop

The full-day session hosted by the NLEN brought together NLEN members as well as other non-member environmental organisations for a workshop aimed at professional development and networking. The purpose of the workshop was threefold:

  • build the capacity of the participants with respect to proposal writing;
  • provide a forum for dialogue between participating organisations and potential funders;
  • provide an opportunity for funders to promote their funding programs.

Workshop agenda

 Tips for successful proposal writing

Presentations on funding programmes:

Environment Canada
Presentation 1 (pdf)  /  Weblinks: EcoAction, Environmental Damages FundScience Horizons
Presentation 2 (pdf)  / Weblinks:  Habitat Stewardship ProgramAboriginal Funds for Species at Risk

Mountain Equipment Co-Op
Presentation (pdf)  / Website

Small Change Fund
Presentation (pdf) / Website

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Multi Materials Stewardship Board 
Presentation (pdf) / Weblinks: Solid Waste Management Innovation Fund /  Community Sponsorship Program

Community Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador
Presentation (pdf) / Website

Provincial Wellness Grant Program
Presentation (pdf) / Website