Local youth travels to the United Nations climate change meetings to represent Canada

Photo: flickr.com/spoonymushroom

The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (CYCC) has selected a talented group to represent Canadian young people at this year’s United Nations Climate Change Meetings in Durban, South Africa (COP 17). A diverse group of 20 young Canadians will represent the views of Canadian youth at these historic meetings as part of the Canadian Youth Delegation.

COP 17 will continue the difficult task of reaching an international agreement on climate change, allowing the world to unify their response to the ever-accelerating climate crisis. Negotiators from around the world are pushing to make progress by 2012, when the Kyoto Protocol, in its current iteration, will be retired. Meanwhile, the Canadian government continues to derail the UN process, most recently receiving three Fossil of the Day awards during intersessional negotiations in Bonn, one of which recognized Canada’s refusal to commit to a second legally binding period of Kyoto.

“The members of this year’s delegation are extremely passionate, inspiring and skilled. In the lead up to COP17, they will be mobilizing in their communities and engaging with thousands of young people,” says Amara Possian, director of the delegation, “I am confident they will truly represent the voice of Canadian youth at the negotiations.”

The team comes from a range of backgrounds including students, young workers, Indigenous youth and young people from both small rural communities and large urban centres. They are facing challenging months ahead, and hard work engaging both their communities and international negotiators in the fight against climate change.

Among those selected for the incredibly competitive program is local resident, Meghan McCarthy. Meghan is a History student at Memorial, who has been active for many years in social and environmental causes.“I am thrilled to be joining my peers from across Canada to represent Canadian youth at such a critical event”, said Meghan “I am especially honoured to represent the unique voices of youth from Newfoundland and Labrador, voices which are not often heard at the UN ” she added.

“It is vital to include the voices of youth in international negotiations like COP17 as it is our future that is being negotiated at the table,” said Possian. “I’m so excited to have Meghan joining the team travelling to Durban, as I know her passion and dedication will help to bring a sense of morality and urgency to the delegates from around the world facing the difficult task of drafting a fair, aggressive, and legally-binding international climate agreement.”


Meghan McCarthy
709 725 5769

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