Webinar for Health and Environment Stakeholders

On Wednesday October 22, Health Canada and Environment Canada will host a webinar for health and environment stakeholders, including, but not limited to, NGOs, researchers, health workers, and Aboriginal groups. The purpose will be to provide an update on the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) and to share information and seek views on some of the themes under consideration for the next phase of the Program. This session will also serve to provide a foundation for those stakeholders who are participating in the one-day interactive workshop “CMP Moving Forward” taking place in Ottawa on October 29.

The webinar will take place via WebEx from 1-3PM (Eastern Time). If you are interested in participating,please RSVP to christine.brown@hc-sc.gc.ca by October 20th. Additionally, please feel free to share this invitation with other health and environment stakeholders who may be interested in participating. Please note the presentation will focus on the future of the CMP. As such, this session is designed for an audience that has some familiarity with the Program.