'Aquaculture – Balancing Science, Engineering, Business and Socioeconomics' with Dr. Laura Halfyard

The November WISE NL-Statoil Speaker Series lecture features Dr. Laura C. Halfyard, Gen. Mgr. Sunrise and Connaigre Fish Farms Inc. In her talk titled ‘Aquaculture – Balancing Science, Engineering, Business and Socioeconomics’, Dr. Halfyard will focus on environmentally sustainable aquaculture practices in Newfoundland and Asia. She will talk about her family’s commercial organic mussel farming operation in rural NL, with discussion of the importance of balancing socioeconomic impacts on communities, global market trends, and the need for investment in science and engineering technology to improve efficiencies. Other sustainable farming practices in Asian countries, such as rice-fish-animal integrated systems, will show the role of women, men and children in maintaining these farms and reaping the benefits. Sustainable farmed (i.e. salmon and mussels in NL) and wild fisheries will be critical to our future global food supply and our NL economy. Dr. Halfyard will also discuss her life choices in science and education career pathways that began with growing up in outport NL, to working with the coastal ocean environment and a life of travel.

Join us on November 19th, from 7:15 – 8:30pm at The Fluvarium. All are welcome and the event is free. For more information and to register visit: http://wisenl.ca/programs-and-events/wise-nl-statoil-speaker-series/