Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice (MCEJ)

Year Founded:    2003
Status:   Non-Incorporated Group

The Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice highlights our congregation’s commitment ‘ to focus our resources and energy towards examining, challenging and healing injustice and oppression’ and ‘to live a spirituality flowing from a sense of the sacredness of creation’. The centre works to engage all people and especially youth, in its many projects and activities. The centre serves as facilitator, advocate, educator and prophet in the many aspects of ecology and justice. Supported by an NGO at the United Nations.

Geographical Scope of Mission:   Local, National and International

Regions in which this organization has an ongoing, strong presence:
NE Avalon

Mailing & Street Address:
101 Mount Scio Road
St. John’s, NL
A1B 4E8

Telephone Number:         709-722-0082
Other URLs:             


2 thoughts on “Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice (MCEJ)

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