Student Internship – Campus Food Strategy

Memorial Campus Food Strategy Group Summer Internship This summer – Dig in – to food on campus!

The Sierra Youth Coalition and Meal Exchange are looking for Memorial students to intern with us for the summer to work on Memorial Campus with the Campus Food Strategy Group.

As a Campus Food Strategy Group Coordinators, you’ll be getting hands on, field experience with your campus food supply, from farm to plate. Really! You will meet farmers, work with food service directors and chefs, plan courses and events.

You’ll be supported by a national network of students as well as full-time staff at Meal Exchange and the Sierra Youth Coalition.

Coordinators will:

● Participate and share with the national network of Campus Food Systems Project campuses.
● Coordinate the different initiatives and goals of the group on campus and in the community.

● Support ongoing initiatives and start new projects
● Plan and coordinate engagement events on campus and in the community ● Facilitate Applied Student Research Opportunities
● Connect with Community Organizations and Members

Desired Attributes:

  • ●  Knowledge of food issues
  • ●  Excellent interpersonal, self-management and organizational skills
  • ●  Excellent communication skills
  • ●  Ability to take initiative and engage in active learning
  • ●  Openness to new perspectives and desire to do solutions-focused work with a diverse

    group of stakeholders


  • ●  15-30 years old
  • ●  Returning Student
  • ●  Eligible to work in Canada

    Internships available from 7 weeks at 35hours/week (flexible hours at $10/hour) Interested?! Get in touch today at