Humber Natural History Society (HNHS)

Year Founded:    1987
Status:   Non-Incorporated Group

Humber Natural History Society is focused on learning,enjoying, and educating about the natural environment.  This is promoted by leading field trips to areas of interest.  Birds, wildlife and plants are part of the learning experience. More formal education is done by sponsering meetings with speakers of related knowledge.  Topics include photographing nature, wildflowers of the province etc. HNHS also promotes citizen science through member participation, and providing speaker opportinuities to promote special projects.

Geographical Scope of Mission:   Regional

Regions in which this organization has an ongoing, strong presence:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2230
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 2N2

Telephone Number:        709-634-7206
Secondary Phone:            709-639-7279
Other URLs:                        Facebook

2 thoughts on “Humber Natural History Society (HNHS)

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